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Backup Generators


Why You Need Backup Power

When it comes to natural disasters and power outages, there is no question if they will occur, it's only of matter of when. In the event of a power outage, your appliances, computers, and even medical equipment need backup power which will start automatically, to help prevent issues such as data loss, perishable food waste, and medical emergencies. With a whole-home backup generator, your family or business can continue to function normally, even if the power is out for days or weeks. Whether you want to power only a few appliances or devices, or automatically supply backup power to your whole home or business, we have affordable solutions.

How Backup Generators Work

When the power to your home is lost due to a natural disaster, or some other failure in the power grid, a backup generator automatically starts, to keep power supplied to your electrical system. Every backup generator that we install comes with a transfer switch, installed near the generator, which automatically sends power to your electrical system when the outside power is interrupted. There are several size options to choose from, depending on your individual need. Many different models are available, including units which can be monitored from your mobile device.

Rural or Remote Locations

Whether you own a cabin on a lake, a hunting camp, or just a weekend spot in the middle of nowhere, we can supply power. Sometimes the power company can't, or won't run power lines to your remote location. Maybe you can get power, but you just aren't willing to spend the money that they say it will take to get electrical service to your perfect spot. We can install a Generac whole-home generator to run on the best fuel option for your situation. We can even set it on a timer to exercise itself at the same time every week, meaning it is always ready to operate when you choose.

Generator Service

You have many choices when it comes to purchasing a generator. However, we are authorized by Generac as a sales and service dealer. That means we can sell a generator directly to you, and delivery is always included. In addition, we have the knowledge and factory support to service what we sell. What some dealers don't tell you, is that your generator needs annual preventative maintenance. Many dealers aren't authorized to service the generators they sell. We can create an annual service plan to fit your schedule and budget. Should your generator ever develop a problem, we always have the solutions.

What We Sell

We choose to only sell Generac generators. The reasons are simple. Generac invented the home backup generator category, and they are the number one brand in home backup generators. We believe that a Generac generator will provide the best possible solution for your backup power needs. We are also factory authorized to service what we sell, which sets us apart from many of our competitors. 

See What Sized Generator Fits Your Needs

Whether you want to power only a few devices, or your entire home or business, there is a Generac generator for you. With our affordable financing, there's no need to pay anything up front. You can finance the entire cost of the generator, materials, and labor. We can finance almost anyone! Click below to see what model fits your needs and budget. 

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