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Electrical Safety

Whole Home Rewiring: Our Safest and Most Complete Option

If you live in an older home, chances are that your current electrical system is out of date. Homes that were wired prior to 1990 were not designed to handle today's electrical needs. The only way to effectively solve this problem is a whole-home rewiring. 

Whole-home rewiring is a dirty and labor intensive job. Many of our competitors won't even consider it. Some electricians will simply encourage you to keep pouring money into an outdated, and many times, unsafe electrical system that will never meet your needs.

WE are different. We specialize in whole-home rewiring, and we have an innovative process to make it as painless as possible. 

We understand that living in a home that is being rewired is inconvenient. No one wants to live with the dust and noise of a rewiring job, while being without power to most rooms in their home for days at a time.

We can rewire your entire home, complete with a new electrical panel, in as little as 3 days! And...here's the best part. We will put you and your family in a comfortable hotel for the duration of the entire project! You can treat it like a "staycation" for your family.

Want even better news? It's all included in the price, and if you qualify, you can finance the entire cost!

In the following sections, we will discuss some very dangerous electrical components that may be present in your home. Take a few moments to read about some of your home's electrical components that may be putting you and your family at risk. Whether you just need to replace a few fixtures, or need a complete rewiring, we will strive to find the best and most cost efficient solution. Our first priority is to ensure that your electrical system is safe, and is providing for all of your family's needs.

Dangerous Electrical Signs

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